Visuomotor Lab

This laboratory is for the study of human movement, with an emphasis on the visual guidance of action. Our research focuses on the control of eye, arm and hand movements in healthy people and in people with brain damage. The Lab has a custom rig for the simultaneous recording of hand and eye movements, designed and constructed under a Small Project Grant from the Economic and Social Research Council (Grant ES/H037640/1). It uses an Eyelink 1000 eyetracker, and an Optotrak Certus infrared motion capture system (See photos on the right).

Furthermore, the lab has projection table, a custom istallation to rear-project visual stimuli onto a large screen (1 metre x 75 cm), at any angle from horizontal to vertical. The design and construction of this table was funded by The University of Edinburgh Campaign and The Development Trust Research Fund.

We also use trakSTAR electromagnetic motion capture, and Toshiba Portege tablet touchscreens, which provide simple and portable motion tracking for 'field work' (e.g. Schools, hospitals, homes).
We have PLATO Visual Occulsion Spectacles to control visual exposure. Most of our experiment control and data processing is done using customised LabVIEW routines.